Date: 12-14 September 2024 (arrival on 12 September, departure 14 September afternoon)

Location: Riga, Latvia

Countries (Members): Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary


ENARs Regional Meetings will bring together representatives from broadly understood geographical regions working on similar topics and issues. This collaborative platform has been created to meet the members' needs for more horizontal cooperation and exchange of knowledge and practices.

We aim to offer more spaces for members to interact, collaborate, learn from one another and network. We understand that in the dynamic landscape of nonprofit organizations, the ability to exchange experiences and practices is crucial for growth and sustainability.

This two-day event aims to foster an environment of learning, sharing, and networking, enabling NGOs to strengthen their capacities and collectively work towards their common goals.

We believe that by fostering horizontal cooperation and providing a space for exchanging practices, we can amplify the impact of each organisation and create more resilient members and stronger ENAR Network.

Please be aware that this specific Regional Meeting will only gather representatives of member organisations from the countries mentioned above. There will be other opportunities in the upcoming months for gatherings of other regions.


Day 1: Capacity Building and Training

1. Enhance participants' knowledge and skills: Provide comprehensive training sessions and workshops to improve the capacity of NGO representatives in various areas such as project management, fundraising, advocacy, and impact measurement. 

2. Foster cross-country collaboration: Create opportunities for participants to network and exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices, promoting collaboration and learning from each other's successes and challenges.

3. Strengthen organizational effectiveness: Equip member representatives with practical tools and strategies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations' operations, including governance, leadership, and human resource management.

4. Promote innovation and adaptation: Encourage participants to explore innovative approaches and adapt to changing circumstances, enabling NGOs to better address emerging challenges and opportunities in their respective countries.

5. Facilitate resource mobilization: Provide insights into diverse funding sources and fundraising strategies, empowering participants to access financial resources for their organizations' sustainable growth and impact.


Day 2: Meeting for Sharing Practices and Experiences

1. Facilitate knowledge exchange: Create a platform for members to share their successful practices, innovative initiatives, and lessons learned, encouraging an exchange of ideas and inspiring new approaches.

2. Identify common challenges and solutions: Engage participants in group discussions and interactive sessions to identify shared challenges faced by members across the region and collectively develop potential solutions and strategies.

3. Foster collaboration and partnership: Encourage participants to explore opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and joint initiatives, leveraging the collective expertise and resources of the attending NGOs to achieve common goals and maximize impact.

4. Develop action plans: Enable participants to collectively develop action plans based on the shared experiences and insights, ensuring tangible outcomes and a roadmap for implementing new practices and initiatives in their respective organizations.

5. Strengthen regional network: Facilitate the establishment of a strong regional network among the participating NGOs, fostering ongoing communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing beyond the two-day meeting, with the aim of creating a sustainable support system for the NGOs in the region.



Share with your network and register till 30 July 2023. Please get in touch with with any questions. 

There is no participation fee for the event. Please however make sure that the membership fee for your organisation is paid in order to participate in the Regional Meeting.

We will be selecting participants based on their demonstrated motivation, and we encourage all applicants to take the time to carefully reflect on their expectations and reasons for wanting to attend as they will play an important role in the selection process.

Selections and approvals will be finalized after the deadline.  Please do not purchase any tickets before receiving an official email from the ENAR secretariat with an Infosheet.


Code of Conduct

By registering to this meeting, you confirm your agreement with ENAR's code of conduct at ENAR meetings and events.

You can download the full document HERE.