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Date: 21-23 September 2023 (arrival on 21 September, departure 23 September afternoon)

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Often, we talk about racism at a surface level. However, we have not yet managed to fully understand and respond to it at a systemic and institutional level. As a result, it remains a fundamental barrier which prevents us from navigating cultural, social, and racial differences, and truly enjoying our inherent diversity. It also remains a crucial topic which requires much attention across various perspectives, narratives and lived experiences. This training will look at the experiences and narratives of Black people and people of African descent with a specific focus on the criminal legal system to explore and analyse the question of racial (in)justice in Europe.

The decolonial and abolitionist frameworks will be used to guide this training. This is because they focus on: a) re-humanizing the dehumanised, b) acknowledging positionality, c) encouraging us to collectively re-imagine a more humane and socially just world by reducing harm and improving well-being.


Training modules:

  1. Ideological underpinnings of the European Legal System.
  2. Mapping systemic racial injustice: from the trans-Atlantic slave trade, colonialism to present day Europe. 
  3. Looking at the 'universal' centre beyond the (post)colonies: historical legacies, attitudes and narratives in Europe today.
  4. Policing, criminalization and law enforcement: Black people and people of African descent.
  5. Systemic racism in everyday reality.
  6. Disconnecting from racial injustice and seeking affirming alternatives: decoloniality and abolitionism.


At the end of the course the participants should have a clearer understanding of how systemic racism and the law operates in reference to BppAd. You will gain tools for how to apply decolonial and abolitionist strategiesagainst systemic racism within your own lives and advocacy work. 




Share with your network and register till 20 August 2023. Please get in touch with with any questions. 

There is no participation fee for the event. 

Although we welcome all applications, the training specifically focuses on the experiences and narratives of Black people and people of African descent, and we would like to prioritise individuals of those backgrounds for the training. We especially encourage young anti-racist activists to join us.

Read more in the open call about the registration process and logistical arrangements.


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