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Date: 15-17 February 2024 (arrival on 15 February, departure 17 February late afternoon)

Location: Brussels, Belgium


This intensive 1.5-day training program on project writing and fundraising for anti-racist organizations is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive meaningful change within their communities. Through a comprehensive exploration of project writing essentials, participants will learn how to craft compelling narratives grounded in anti-racist principles. The activity will aim to go beyond traditional fundraising approaches, delving into community-centric strategies that prioritize inclusivity and engagement.

Participants will hopefully leave inspired and equipped to lead initiatives that not only secure funding but also meaningfully contribute to the broader goals of promoting diversity, equity, and justice within their organisations and society at large. The training underscores the importance of building strong and resilient organisations, emphasizing the role they play in sustaining impactful anti-racist efforts over the long term. Additionally, it highlights the significance of diversifying funding sources to create resilient and strengthened organisationsthat can adapt to changing landscapes and remain steadfast in their commitment to anti-racist goals.

We understand how crucial it is to also grasp the basics of fundraising as well as aim to explore potential opportunities for EU funding and using the knowledge in the room to share some potential local and regional resources. By sharing insights into diverse funding channels, the training aims to provide basic knowledge needed to empower and encourage organisations to continue exploring and applying for different financial support at various levels after the training.

Throughout the training we want to:

  • Provide the participants with a foundational understanding of project writing, emphasizing key elements and best practices.
  • Introduce basic concepts and techniques in project management, enabling participants to initiate and oversee anti-racist projects effectively.
  • Familiarise the participants with essential principles of fundraising, including strategies for identifying, approaching, and securing financial support for anti-racist initiatives.
  • Foster collaboration among participants, encouraging the sharing of experiences and insights on potential collaborative projects.


At the end of the course the participants should:

  • Develop the ability to construct well-defined and impactful project proposals, incorporating anti-racist principles into their design.
  • Enhance the skills needed to effectively plan, implement and monitor anti-racist projects, ensuring they meet objectives and deadlines.
  • Acquire basic knowledge and skills necessary to identify potential funding sources, and successfully secure financial support.
  • Establish connections within the anti-racist community, fostering a network of support and collaboration for future projects and initiatives.

The training won't cover every detail of project writing, project management, and fundraising. Instead, it serves as a starting point, offering essential information to build a strong foundation for organisations involved in the anti-racist movement.




Share with your network and register till 15 January 2024. Please get in touch with with any questions. 

There is no participation fee for the event. Registration is open for one representative per organisationENAR will cover the accommodation expenses and travel costs within Europe for that representative. Please make sure that the membership fee 2024 for your organisation is paid in order to participate in the training. If it is not possible for your organisation to pay the membership fee before the event in February, please contact us.

Selections and approvals will be finalized after the deadline. Please refrain from purchasing tickets until you receive confirmation.

Read more in the open call about the registration process and logistical arrangements.


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