Date: 26-29 September 2024 (arrival on 26 September, departure on 29 September)

Location: Bucharest, Romania


ENAR is organising a Climate Justice Academy that will bring together anti-racism activists to develop their capacity to campaign and advocate for racial justice in climate action. We will come together and learn and build solidarity. We want to create a space to strengthen our knowledge of the impacts of the climate crisis and focus on responses and community mobilising around this issue.

We will gather as a group during 3 separate events (sessions) between November 2023 and June 2024 to unpack manifestations of racism in climate impact, strategize community organising, explore the intersections between eco anxiety and mental health and build new economic models that leave no one behind.

Through these sessions, we would like to:

  • Raise awareness about the climate crisis, its causes and impacts, emphasising the principles of climate justice and interconnectedness of social and environmental issues.
  • Provide training, knowledge and skills to individuals and communities to enhance their understanding of climate breakdown, and tools available for communities to respond, enabling them to actively contribute to climate action.
  • Empower marginalised communities to engage in decision-making processes related to climate action, ensuring their voices are heard and their perspectives are taken into account.
  • Foster a network of climate justice advocates who can effectively engage with policymakers, advocate for just and equitable climate policies and influence decision-making at local, national, and European levels.
  • Provide tools for wellbeing for racialised climate activists that can be implemented to prevent burnout, cultivate resilience, and promote self-care.


Topics explored at the Climate Justice Academy:

Session I: Exploring manifestations of climate crisis on racialised groups (November 2023)

Session II: Racialised mental health in climate action (April 2024)

Session III: Creating our own economies (September 2024)

Session 3 of the Climate Justice Academy focuses on creating our own economies. 

The climate crisis is a consequence of the greed-focused economic model that is capitalism. The extraction of earth materials and use of fossil fuels to produce endless growth led to the climate breakdown we are experiencing. This means that in order to act on the climate crisis, we need to challenge existing economic models and create economies that work for all people.


In recent years, the degrowth movement has gained traction as a trailblazer in challenging the capitalist growth economy. But what does this mean for groups that have been structurally, historically, and institutionally excluded from the economy?




This is an open call for Session III of the Climate Justice Academy" that will focus on the economies on well-being, explore post-growth and degrowth from an anti-racism standpoint, and community action to challenge the economic system.

All ENAR member organisations are welcomed to apply, please however note that to ensure the continuity of the project and fostering of knowledge building, the priority will be given to the participants that have already attended the Session I and II in November and April. 

Although we welcome all applications, we especially encourage young anti-racist activists to join us.

Read more in the open call about the registration process and logistical arrangements.

Share with your network and register till 15 July 2024. Please get in touch with with any questions. Please do not buy your tickets before organisers confirm your participation.

There is no participation fee for the event. 


Code of Conduct

By registering to this meeting, you confirm your agreement with ENAR's code of conduct at ENAR meetings and events.

You can download the full document HERE.

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